Beshalach 5776

This week will be Tu B’shvat.

The מגן אברהם says in סימן קל’א that on Tu B’shvat there is a custom to increase our consumption of fruit, which will increase the number of ברכות said on this day.
R’ Leiebel Eiger explains this custom based on the Gemara Brachos, which states that someone who eats without a blessing has stolen twice.
Firstly, from the Almighty, as the Gemara says that the Almighty gives His “permission” to eat only after a blessing is made.
Secondly, when a Jew makes a blessing on food, he increases the Almighty’s shower of blessing upon the world.
However, those that eat without a blessing cause the opposite. This person steals from the rest of Israel blessings that otherwise would have been sent by the Almighty.
R’ Leiebel Eiger explains on Tu B’shvat, the New Year of the trees, it is of extreme importance to trigger as much heavenly intervention as possible, to enable a decree for a plentiful year. Therefore we try to increase the amount of blessings we make on this day.
The Chasam Sofer explains that there are actually three blessings associated with the food we eat.
The blessing before eating, the grace after meals, and the third is when we come out of the bathroom and say אשר יצר.
The highest level respect should be given to the blessing of אשר יצר, as it is the culmination of the miracles that  we experience through the eating process. This last part of the digestive cycle is included as one of the 3 miracles we experience that is as great as the splitting of the sea.
(They are 1) “Parnasa”  2) Shidduchim  3) The process of relieving oneself).
This Tu B’shvat, let us all have extra concentration when reciting all 3 food blessings.