Kollel Director

Rabbi Reuven Dovid Gerson is a native of Johannesburg, South Africa where he attended Yeshivas Bais Yitzchak. He continued on at Yeshivas Kfar Chassidim in Eretz Yisrael until he came to Telshe Yeshiva and became a close Talmid of Harav Gifter Z”tl.  After his marriage to Leah Esther Brodie from Pittsburgh he learned in the Telshe Yeshiva Kollel until he joined the new Kollel in 1996.  Rabbi Gerson authored many Seforim including remarkable works covering The Five Megillos.  He also teaches at Mosdos High School and delivers regular Shiurim at Cong. Shomre Shabbos Shul.