Melave Malka & Journal Campaign 2014

As we begin our 18th year of Limud and Harbotzas HaTorah in our community we are humbled by the tremendous effects the Kollel has made, and indeed continues to make upon the community. So many individuals attest to the positive improvements their association with the Kollel has made to their lives and to the lives of their families.
The present reality demonstrates that cities that have a community Kollel, flourish in their Yiddishkeit. Kollel Ateres Chaim Boruch is proud to be that Kollel for our community. To date, two of our members are Rabbonim in our community, and four are mechanchim in Telshe, The Hebrew Academy and Mosdos Ohr HaTorah.
We hope that you will become a partner in this wonderful endeavor both by learning in the Kollel and by your generous financial support.

This year’s Melave MaIka is being dedicated to the memory of a special individual, who from the very beginning understood the value of learning Torah in the Kollel Beis HaMedrash.
Reb Zev Solomon a”h was a regular participant in the Kollel learning sedorim, and a true friend and supporter of Torah Life. His upbeat and positive attitude always brightened up the Beis Hamedrash whenever he was there. His burning desire to learn and accomplish was, and remains, inspirational.
It behooves us all to learn from his example and to increase our learning and quality of our Avodah.
May his memory be a source of brocha for his family and the entire community.

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