Miketz 5776

After receiving an aliya we make the following bracha “Asher Noson Lanu Toras Emes Vchayai Oilam Nuta Besocheinu”. “That you have given us the truthful Torah and eternal life you planted within us”. 

What is the significance of the second part of the bracha- that eternal life you planted within us? What is the correlation to both Toras Emes and our reading from the Torah?

Shavous is the Matan Torah of written Torah.
Chanukah is the Matan Torah of the oral Torah. 

The Aron Hakodesh symbolized the written Torah, and the Menorah symbolized the oral Torah. Why? From the Kadosh Kedashim the Aron Hakodesh would bring holiness to the wold without any human intervention. The written Torah’s message does not involve our interpretation or logic. The Menorah had the Kohanim’s preparation and kindling. The Almighty than used this preparation as a means to send forth holiness to the world. The studying of the oral Torah requires our efforts and interpretation. Through our constant exertion we can gain insight into the Almighty’s intentions. The Almighty empowered with the ability to use our logic to affect halacha. 

This is Chanukah. Our wisdom is a source of our growth and becoming closer to the Almighty. The Almighty orchestrated it this way. “Eternal life you planted within us”. A plant is seeded and grows. The Almighty gave each and every one of us the ability to grow through the “Torah” we “create”. This is the bracha- 1) Thank you for the “Torah” 2) Thank you for the ability to affect the “Torah” and embark on our spiritual change.