Nissan 5775

The Torah designates the month of Nissan as the first of the months. In what way is it the first? On the contrary, Rosh Hashanah is in Tishrei, and we start the new year then…

The Alshich Hakadosh explains: although it is true that Tishrei is the beginning of the Year, that is only in regard to the natural yearly calendar cycle. However, in regard to the unnatural, specifically the continuity of the Jewish people, which is supernatural, we begin the year with the month of Nissan.

Nissan is the month when the Jewish people became a nation. It was necessary at this point for Hashem to invent a new plan of action, one that supersedes nature, and is miraculous. This is why the month of Nissan was chosen.

This concept has implications on how we should approach this awesome month and Pesach, the highlight of it, in comparison to how we approach the month of Tishrei.

In Tishrei, a focus is put on improving our deeds and rectifying any wrongdoing. We also increase our prayer. With these improvements to our activities in the physical world, we can ask for a good year in regard to our health and sustenance, and any other needs we may have in the physical world.

In Nissan, nothing of the sort transpires. On Pesach night the focus is to retell the great miracles that transpired during Yetzias Mitzraim. Other parts of the Haggadah are filled with praise towards Hashem for guiding, leading, and protecting us, which as stated before is nothing short of miraculous. We then express our faith that Hashem will perform miracles for us in the future.

This expression of belief is the avodah of the month. Our belief in the miracles actually is the catalyst to make them happen. May we merit to see the coming of Moshiach speedily, and to bring the Karbon Pesach this year in Yerushalayim.

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