Purim 5775

On Purim we lain “ויבא עמלק” which describes to us the war that Amalek waged against the Bnei Yisroel immediately after they left Mitzrayim. Why are these pesukim chosen to be read?

One may want to say the obvious: since Haman was a descendent of Amalek, we read about Amalek. Although this is true, it is not a sufficient reason to read these specific pesukim. There are other pesukim about Amalek in the Torah. It may be more fitting to read the pesukim that command us to destroy Amalek (when there is no danger of repercussions). The question therefore is why are these specific pesukim chosen?

If we analyze these pesukim we will notice something interesting. Although the main topic is how Amalek attacked Bnei Yisroel, most of the pesukim do not address that point. Rather the Torah goes to great length to teach us how the war was won. “Moshe, Aaron and Chur ascended to the top of the hill etc. and he remained with his hands in faithful prayer until sunset.” The war was won through the power of prayer.

The same is true with the miracle of Purim. It was through prayer and repentance that we merited the salvation from Haman.

Perhaps it is because of this subtle connection that we read this portion over others. It is to remind us how prayer and repentance worked in the past, and to impress on us that it still works today.  

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