Shemos 5776

Rav Gifter Z”tl would show special excitement when Sefer Shemos would begin – it is the story that we recount at the Pesach Seder.

He felt that the the night of the Pesach Seder was the most important night in the Jewish calendar.

Beginning with Parshas Shemos, we are reliving the details of our enslavement to Egypt and how the Almighty redeemed us. These Parshiyos should be used as  a “warm up” for the Pesach Seder that will soon be upon us.

Chazal tell us that the level of צניעות and morality of the Jews in Egypt remained at an extremely high level. This was an amazing feat, considering that Egypt at the time was the capital of immorality. The strength to stay moral in the face of such adversary came from Yosef Hatzadik, who passed the test to be immoral with פוטיפר’s wife.

The Jews kept an elevated level of spirituality during this trying time frame. Therefore, Hashem incorporated within this time period a special power that enable us to easily repent for sins associated with immorality and become holier. (Chazal teach us that the anniversary of special events reignite the special influences/energies that existed during those events).

Chazal tell us in Mesachta Brachos that one who reads קריאת שמע על המיטה receives a special double edged swords to fight off danger. Danger can refer to multiple things: demons, armies, robbers, and bad angels. Bad angels are created when we do sins and then become part of the prosecution team against us in the heavenly court. R’ Chaim Vital teaches us, that our concentration during קריאת שמע and מעריב have tremendous power to bring holiness to our soul. Bad angels can be eradicated with a holy repetition of שמע. This is one useful way to bring holiness to the world during this time period earmarked for bringing holiness to the world.