Torah L.I.F.E.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, may be a tiny dot on the world map but in global Torah circles it is well known as a vibrant Makom Torah, where the sounds of Torah & Tefillah are heard virtually around the clock. From 6 am until well past midnight, the Kollel serves as the Cleveland Heights Torah nerve center. It begins with the hosting of the early morning Dirshu program, and for the next 17 plus hours the voices of learning ring out loud and clear.

The Kollel is composed of a core group of 21 Torah Scholars led by the illustrious Rosh Kollel, Rav Baruch Hirschfeld. The primary work of the Kollel is to create a Torah environment that is conducive to learning and spiritual growth. The Cleveland Community has recognized the Kollel as its most prominent Torah Center. Over 200 community members make the Kollel their home away from home.  It is their place to find a Shiur, Chavrusa or simply enjoy learning on their own in the Kollels stimulating atmosphere.

The Kollel’s name Torah L.I.F.E. is most appropriate Learning Is For Everyone.