Vayetzei 5776

How come the “torahdik” day starts at night and the functional human day starts at sunrise?

The Gaon in Mishlei explains that the Ribono Shel Oilam gave us a chance to daven maariv and to say krias shma al hamita before our neshama returns to heaven for its nightly “RECHARGE”. Our prayers effect how well the neshama will be recharged for the next day.

Maariv and Krias Shema is an opportunity for us to prepare ourselves for the next day’s challenges and avoda.

The Rav shared with us some areas to focus our attention on.

Shachris and Maariv have some similarities and some distinct differences. Both have 2 blessings before saying Shma.

The first blessing references the overall creation of the world, while the second blessing focuses on the purpose of creation (to perform mitzvos and learn torah [with joy].

One distinct difference, is that in Shachris we request help from Hashem to fulfill our role “Vsen belebeinu..Lshmoa Llmod …”

During Maariv, however, we express our dedication to fulfilling our purpose in this world.”Al kein hashem …. nasiach bchukacha…” It is about what we plan on doing in the future.

Additionally, during Maariv we add an additional blessing after Shma for protection (“Hoshkeveinu”). This is such a special time to ask for protection both in ruchniyus and gashmiyus. 

We say; “Vaskneinu beitza tova lphunecha”. We are requesting both that Hashem should put good ideas into our heart, and that people whose counsel we seek out should give us good advice.

“Ushmar taisainu uvoianu… MaiAtah vad Oilam” Please watch over everyone of us forever and ever—every tefilla counts eternally.

Let’s use our Maariv prayers as a time for effective recharge for our families and Klal Yisroel!