Yisro 5775

The Tur in Hilchos Shabbos (siman 292) points out that each Tefiloh of Shabbos has a different Nusach. During Maariv, we mention the fact that Hashem rested after finishing creation. On Shabbos day, we discuss in Yismach Moshe how Moshe came down from Har Sinai with the Ten Commandments. And during Mincha, we pray “Ata Echad”, You are one and Your name is one. Why is this so? One standard prayer should suffice, as is found on Yomim Tovim where we say Ata v”Chartanu by all the Tefilos?

He explains that there are three unique Shabbosos in the history of the world, and we must strive connect to their messages. The first is how Hashem rested on day seven. The second is the concept of accepting the Torah, which according to all opinions transpired on Shabbos. The third is the Shabbos that we are all waiting for with the coming of Moshiach when Hashem will be one and his Name will be one. We pray and we long for that day, may it come speedily in our days.

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